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Pruning & Shaping Trees in Asheville to Improve Aesthetics

Trees provide an aesthetic and practical value on any property, as they beautify the area while providing shade on hot days. While timbers in nature don’t require much maintenance, regular tree trimming is an important tool to maintain appearance and safety. When it’s time to cut things back, it’s essential that you use an experienced professional to prevent damage to the plant due to improper cutting. At Above All Tree Service, we’ve been serving the Asheville community for more than 20 years, and we’ll help you with shaping without compromising the tree’s health.

Shaping Helps Control Rampant Growth

When trees exceed their allotted space, they can crowd out other plants or cause damage to buildings. Inexperienced tree pruning services use a technique called topping to reduce the overall size of the plant by cutting off long branches, but this can do more harm than good. For a better result, consider crown reduction, which takes a more sensible approach to the problem and promotes faster healing.

View Cutting Can Improve Your Panorama

If you have a tree that’s cutting out views from your home’s windows, you might want to have the offending branches trimmed back. Instead of doing it yourself, consider working with an expert who will be able to restore your vista with the minimal amount of cuts. View cutting can also help if growth is preventing your satellite dish from getting a clear signal.

We’ll Come to You in Hendersonville & Black Mountain

Whether you own a home in Asheville or the surrounding communities, like Black Mountain, Hendersonville, Canton, Swannanoa, Waynesville, Weaverville, Etowah, Fletcher, Flat Rock, Arden or Fairview, contact Above All Tree Service to maintain the beauty and safety of your trees. We can handle smaller jobs from the ground or use our bucket truck and crane to tackle larger projects in the air. To schedule a tree-cutting appointment or arrange for other services like stump grinding, call us at 828-650-9980 today!
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