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Safely and Effectively Removing Trees in Asheville

There are many reasons why property owners have trees removed from a lot. In many cases, tree removal services are necessary when the plant is in such poor health that it becomes hazardous to people or buildings, but it can also be an aesthetic decision to improve views of the surrounding landscape. Once you opt for extraction, it’s important that the job be done correctly with a detailed evaluation, proper safety precautions, stump extraction and thorough cleanup of stray branches. At Above All Tree Service, we have more than 20 years of experience in the Asheville community, and we can help you when it’s time to take action.

Know When Your Tree Becomes a Hazard

It can be difficult to arrange for tree removal service if the plant has a sentimental value, but it’s important to spot the warning signs of dangerous conditions. It’s too late to prevent damage once it has already fallen, which is why you need to be proactive. Keep an eye out for things like leaning, heaving soil and exposed roots, as they can indicate root rot or other unstable situations. If a significant portion of the trunk is hollow, or there is an excess of dead branches, this might indicate that the whole plant is dying. If you have any concerns, contact a professional who can tell you whether you need tree trimming or complete removal.

Removal Services Available in Black Mountain & Hendersonville

If you need help with tree removal in the Asheville area, contact us to schedule an evaluation of your situation before it becomes a bigger problem. Our experienced professionals are ready to help, and we can come to you in Hendersonville, Black Mountain or any of the surrounding communities, including:
  • Weaverville
  • Waynesville
  • Canton
  • Etowah
  • Swannanoa
  • Flat Rock
  • Arden
  • Fletcher 
  • Fairview
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